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The Enemy Called FEAR

Understanding Fear What is it that you are frightened of? Those who live in fear are enslaved indefinitely. They’re terrified of nearly everything; the dread of failure, the fear of satanic manipulations, and the fear of other people. But why should I be afraid when I have the universe’s ruler on my side? Who can […]

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Overcoming Worry: How God + Psychology Can Help You Beat Worry!

Definition of Worry While trying to begin this chapter, a few thoughts crossed my mind. I don’t know you’ve experience this also. There’re occasions when I felt so alone; like God has forsaken me on an issue. Truth is, most times, God is actually working on delivering to us, more so than anyone or anything […]

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Understanding Anxiety

God has placed it on my heart to write a book about anxiety for Christian women and in the process I want to also create a series of posts related to the topic, so that you can understand anxiety from a Christian, as well as a psychologically informed, perspective. If you’re reading this, I probably […]

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Be Still My Anxious Mind: Hope and Healing for the Anxious Woman’s Heart

Anxiety and worry have a direct link with your mental health.  And, whatever affects your mind has the capacity to alter the course of your life.  Let me ask you…. Are you feeling worried or anxious about things in your life?   Do you have a feeling of excessive fear or worry?   Do you have a […]

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Teen Girl’s Guide to Beating Anxiety – God’s Way (Introduction)

Are you struggling with anxiety? This is the start of a short multi-part series of blog posts on how teen girls (and young women) can beat anxiety – God’s way! Anxiety and worry have a direct link with your mental health.  And, whatever affects your mind has the capacity to alter the course of your […]

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Adopt These 5 Habits and Develop the Mindset of a Fit and Healthy Person

Why is it that some people find it so easy to exercise and eat a healthy diet while so many others struggle? One of the reasons is a difference in mindset. If you view yourself as someone that can’t follow a diet, you’ll find it very challenging to eat well. Do you see yourself as […]

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Top 10 Intermittent Fasting Tips That Will Help You Stay on Track

In case you’re not familiar, intermittent fasting is an eating plan that incorporates at least 12 hours of fasting each day. Some people choose to go a few days without food, while others are content to stick to 12 hours. Intermittent fasting can be a very healthy and convenient way to eat. There are many […]

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Tame Your Sugar Cravings

Are You Addicted To Sugar and/or Carbs? Research has shown that sugar and white carbs/processed carbs are highly addictive.  How addictive you ask?  — AS ADDICTIVE AS COCAINE!  Yes, you read that correctly.  That was not a typo…COCAINE.  No wonder we have so much trouble getting free from it! And, almost everything that we purchased […]

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Top 3 Strategies For Healthy Weight Loss

A recent study identified 3 strategies that may be the key to losing excess pounds and keeping them off. The results aren’t really surprising, but they are worth repeating. Successful weight loss depends on choosing healthy foods, tracking what you eat, and changing your thinking. That’s according to the researchers at California Polytechnic State University […]

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Sticking To Your Diet While Dating

Is your love life interfering with your diet? Maybe you find it easy to eat healthy when you’re on your own, but things become more complicated when you’re part of a couple. Dining out and snacking at the movies could be making your waistline grow! You can find love without sacrificing your figure. Use these […]