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The Enemy Called FEAR

Understanding Fear What is it that you are frightened of? Those who live in fear are enslaved indefinitely. They’re terrified of nearly everything; the dread of failure, the fear of satanic manipulations, and the fear of other people. But why should I be afraid when I have the universe’s ruler on my side? Who can […]

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Overcoming Worry: How God + Psychology Can Help You Beat Worry!

Definition of Worry While trying to begin this chapter, a few thoughts crossed my mind. I don’t know you’ve experience this also. There’re occasions when I felt so alone; like God has forsaken me on an issue. Truth is, most times, God is actually working on delivering to us, more so than anyone or anything […]

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Understanding Anxiety

God has placed it on my heart to write a book about anxiety for Christian women and in the process I want to also create a series of posts related to the topic, so that you can understand anxiety from a Christian, as well as a psychologically informed, perspective. If you’re reading this, I probably […]