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The Enemy Called FEAR

Understanding Fear What is it that you are frightened of? Those who live in fear are enslaved indefinitely. They’re terrified of nearly everything; the dread of failure, the fear of satanic manipulations, and the fear of other people. But why should I be afraid when I have the universe’s ruler on my side? Who can […]


Transform Your Workouts With the Power of Mental Imagery

Would you like to see your workouts yield better results in less time? Mental imagery is a dynamic way to do just that. When you use visualization to augment your workouts, you work not just your body, but also your brain. In fact, when it comes to getting fit, your mind may be even more […]

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Power Over Habit:  Why Mindset Matters

If you have ever tried to ignore a box of doughnuts at work, you know how hard it is to keep your hands to yourself and walk on by.  And once you walk on by, the battle isn’t over.  Even if you are in a different room and down the hall, you can’t stop thinking […]