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The Spirit of Love in Overcoming Anxiety

You’re Not Abandoned One of the biggest causes of anxiety is the feeling that one is alone or is, or could be, abandoned. I want to address this in this chapter because the Bible makes it clear that , “There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear” and that “whoever fears […]

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The Power of Your Thoughts Over Anxiety & Fear

Strongholds Strongholds in the Bible (2 Corinthians 10:4) do not refer to a fortified physical structure or an external force summoned by the devil against you. It refers to ideas, theories, imaginations, reasoning, beliefs, and other things that are antithetical to God’s word and attack and captivate people’s minds, forcing them to think, behave, and […]

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The Enemy Called FEAR

Understanding Fear What is it that you are frightened of? Those who live in fear are enslaved indefinitely. They’re terrified of nearly everything; the dread of failure, the fear of satanic manipulations, and the fear of other people. But why should I be afraid when I have the universe’s ruler on my side? Who can […]

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Overcoming Worry: How God + Psychology Can Help You Beat Worry!

Definition of Worry While trying to begin this chapter, a few thoughts crossed my mind. I don’t know you’ve experience this also. There’re occasions when I felt so alone; like God has forsaken me on an issue. Truth is, most times, God is actually working on delivering to us, more so than anyone or anything […]

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Be Still My Anxious Mind: Hope and Healing for the Anxious Woman’s Heart

Anxiety and worry have a direct link with your mental health.  And, whatever affects your mind has the capacity to alter the course of your life.  Let me ask you…. Are you feeling worried or anxious about things in your life?   Do you have a feeling of excessive fear or worry?   Do you have a […]