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I have 3 different programs! And, each of them have 2 ways you can take sessions, either in a Group Format with other Christian women or in 1:1 Private Coaching Sessions. The group option is $149/month for 3 months and the 1:1 coaching program is $499/month for 3 months. Each includes 4 coaching sessions / month.

Everything boils down to your mindset and doing the inner transformation work; however, I divided these up into 3 different programs so that you get your unique needs met and we can work specifically on goals you want to reach.

See which program below that you connect with at this stage of your journey!

Intentional Abundant Life

This program is for women who have been struggling with their mindset, limiting beliefs, low confidence, insecurities, fear/anxiety, feeling like they just don’t measure up, and feel held back as they are trying to reach new levels in their lives.  If you feel lost right now and need to get that mind of yourself on track, you need this program! This is a science-backed, evidence-based mind program, with a mix of faith/prayer/bible 🙂 I recommend 1:1 coaching for this program until you feel confident enough to share in a group setting. If you feel like you are confident enough to join the group sessions, by all means, we’d love to have you! Whatever you feel comfortable with is what I want for you.  

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Intentional Abundant Fitness

This is NOT a diet program.  This is about working through your mental barriers to weight loss and fitness, while creating new lifestyle habits.  The most POSITIVE program you’ll ever do.  You WON’T be required to restrict food, log calories, only eat certain “diet” foods, do any workouts you don’t like or don’t want to do, etc.  This is about learning to enjoy God-made foods and your life on a whole new level, and watch the weight come off naturally.  You will just be required to show up with a positive attitude and do the mindset work.  This is a science-backed, evidence-based mind/body weight loss program, with a mix of faith/prayer/bible 🙂  

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Intentional Abundant
Business Mindset

Have you been wanting to grow or start your dream business but run into endless fears, worries, doubts, excuses, and mental barriers that keep you stuck?  These fears can be about being judged, money, success, failure, self-doubt, sales, marketing and putting yourself out there, or a whole bunch of other personal barriers.  We work through all of the things that are holding you back, create a space of accountability and no-judgement, and find ways to make it safe for you to move forward – with God’s help and the help of psychology and science-backed strategies! 

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